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  • 32 Lisgar Street
  • Toronto, ON, M6J 0C7
  • Canada

AFRICA SALON UK presents The Infinite Body, a panel discussion at Mystique Afrique 2019. Mystique Afrique is a festival of African arts and culture during Toronto’s premier contemporary art event Nuit Blanche, presented by Ayiba Magazine.

The panel takes place on September 26th between contemporary artists Jessica Karuhanga, Kosisochukwu Nnebe, and Oluseye, and moderated by Dr. Elizabeth “Dori” Tunstall of OCAD University. The panel explores how the artists depict the body — in portraiture, in landscape, in motion, in fragments — to pose new questions about representation. The artists will be asked to respond to the question, “How does the use of the body in your art allow you to express your ideas about lived experience?” 

In Karuhanga’s practice, dance, moving image, and performance intersect to explore themes such as belonging. Nnebe’s work often manifests as mixed-media installations that comment on marginality and the external gaze, but center black womxn’s subjectivities. Oluseye’s paintings, drawings, and photographed portraits of self and others express particular notions about black masculinity.

The Infinite Body aims to resist the usual focus on the racialization of the black body and to instead center its humanity. Reflecting on the theoretical approaches, artistic techniques, and political or apolitical strategies the artists use to represent the body, the conversation seeks to explore the infinite possibilities for embodied experience as a black person. Considering the art through Dr. Tunstall’s design anthropology lens, The Infinite Body moves from individual aesthetic readings to broader questions that contextualize the work in society.

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Image credit: Ayiba Magazine