reflections from the authors: 

Thank you for bringing us together and for organizing an incredible gathering. It was one of the most productive snow days I have ever had and also a dream come true, being able to see all the amazing storytellers, authors, thinkers, listeners, all of us students coming together. 

Margie, Kia, Okey, Chika, Chigozie, 

Amazing! Thank you for goodness, for your work, your voice, and for creating spaces for us all to grow. I am looking forward to getting to know you and learning more about your work. 

Looking forward to many conversations and actions we will have and we will create. 

All the best,

Clemantine Wamariya '14

I can't say any more than everyone has already said. I was so BLOWN AWAY by every single writerit was almost too much! Oh no, not ANOTHER eloquent, compelling speaker!

So much gratitude to
AFRICA SALON for introducing me to the work of five fabulous writers and new friends.


kia corthron

It was a treasurescratch that, a blessing!to be part of this marvelous gathering of storytellers and harvest of stories. Sad that something so beautiful and enchanting should be contained within a single snow-drenched afternoon. 

I'll carry the gifts of all the well shaped stories told with such felicity and feeling in my heart as I travel in the world. In the tongue of my Igbo people, I say, daalu nu!

okey ndibe

Hear! Hear! 

It was lovely meeting everyone and reconnecting with old friends. I look forward to many more meetings! 

chika unigwe

The gathering was indeed a gathering of the wise. It was not only refreshing, but energizing. I left New England with more ships out to my mental sea, waiting to dock

chigozie obioma

Dear All

Lovely to sit in a circle and tell/hear stories in that crazy Narnia snow

Cape Townif you comeis sunnier

Thank you for a great day

margie orford